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Cinematic 2.0 LUT Pack

Cinematic 2.0 LUT Pack

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Give your footage that ‘Hollywood Look’ with these 10 unique Cinematic LUTs. These colour-grading presets are specifically designed for filmmakers seeking that quick and easy ‘cinematic look’. These LUTs will work great on all footage and mimic the colours of many blockbuster films. Try experimenting with their opacity to find the perfect result for your cinematic filmmaking. 

Check out the video below to see how each LUT will effect your footage.

 LUTS included: 

  1. Action
  2. Blockbuster
  3. Cinematic 1
  4. Cinematic 2
  5. Crime Scene
  6. Drama
  7. Fantasy
  8. Feature Film
  9. Filmic
  10. Hollywood
  11. Mexico
  12. Thriller

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